Hand Made With Love In Spain

Customizing your Curvart is very simple!

1 Select the model you want to customize within the "products" section.

2 Modify the characteristics of the box within the options menu of each model. You can choose the size and orientation that best suits your space, the color of the frame, the image and the background ... Remember thateach Curvart picture is unique, you will see that the characteristics between models change a bit. Explore and select each part to your liking to take advantage of its full potential!

3 Customize your picture with thehigh resolution images from the Curvart Gallery. You have a wide catalog of images ordered by theme or design.

4 You can choose the finish of your painting to make it shine or matte, as well as check how is your painting on a stage.

5 And to move, how do I see all the angles and details of my painting?

Very easy! Press the left mouse button on the box to rotate it and the right mouse button to move it. To expand or reduce the box, you have the quick buttons in the floating menu on the right.


That easy, the Curvart picture you want.

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