Hand Made With Love In Spain

Curvart is a unique and original business, which has an exceptional customer service department. This is how we are, like you, ready to make whatever you need with the greatest attention.


In Curvart we have a creative team which focuses all its efforts on designing unique paintings to decorate all kinds of places. We know that the product needs to receive an added creative boost in order to be different and obtain a unique result. This is why, in Curvart we do not manufacture for any other brand, we prefer to keep being ourselves.


A Curvart is at the level of any situation, any atmosphere, and any context. We know that there are as many tastes as people in this planet, and that sometimes we visualise our space in a precise and personalised way. This is why we believe that there is a different Curvart for each person; you choose who will be the protagonist in your more personal corners.


Innovation has allowed us to carry out our best ideas. Curvart products are the result of the efforts carried out by our R+D Department. Takings risks has allowed us to not to stay behind in a very difficult context for national businesses. Investigation, hand in hand with creativity applied to the design of our products has allowed us to obtain unbeatable results.


Each of our Curvart products is designed under a different creative concept with the objective of breaking with the traditional paintings´ conventionalisms. The result is a renewed product designed to decorate the 21st century homes. The design has allowed us to break with the preconceived idea of what a painting is. Only by imagining how the paintings will be in some years’ time, the paintings of the future can be made.


Only a thorough care and tracking of every production phase of our products, guarantees us to meet our demanding quality standards. We know that it is essential to care for every detail; this is why we only make MADE IN SPAIN products.

Personal advising

If you do not know where to start… In Curvart we love creative ideas, as we are immersed in a continuous learning where every day we learn something new. Our experience in this sector has taught us that we cannot stay behind and we have discovered that in some occasions a different point of view can give us our best ideas.


If to a professional team, we add a great commitment to keep up with the production teams, the result is a product with style that creates an elegant and distinguished atmosphere.


Our team has a long history in the sector, we know that it is our specialty and this is reflected in the final product. We like to do what we do and we are aware that when you try to reach an objective, the illusion and motivation have a determining role in its achievement.


In Curvart we offer you all the conveniences when delivering our products. We have been working in this field for many years; therefore, we know that having an efficient distribution system it is essential in order to offer a good service to our clients. This is why we have a distribution company which offers us the greatest security guarantees and punctuality in our delivery deadlines.


In Curvart we are committed to the conservation of our environment, not only in the direct processes of the assembly line but also in the indirect ones. We have cardboard press machines and we send our paint and lacquer to recycle. Furthermore, we work with clean manufacturing systems, we minimise the waste, and we use the ecologic recycled wood to manufacture new products.

We dream

We work every day to discover your necessities and find solutions for them beforehand. Our ideas turn into a different way of enlivening our walls and making them funnier. We are a group of people who gives individualised solutions in a global context through our own style of doing things.